The House of
Closed Doors Series

My stepfather was not particularly fond of me to begin with, and now that
he’d found out about the baby, he was foaming at the mouth.

Nell Lillington's struggle to reconcile independence, love, and respectability begins with her refusal to name her baby's father, and the path to her ideal life is strewn with murder. Set in the American Midwest of the 1870s, this series blends suspense, romance, history, and family drama in a fast-paced clean read.

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The House of Closed Doors

Small town Illinois, 1870: Desperate to avoid marriage, Nell Lillington refuses to divulge the name of her child's father and accepts her stepfather's decision that the baby be born at a Poor Farm and discreetly adopted.

Until an unused padded cell is opened and two small bodies fall out.

Nell is the only resident of the Poor Farm who is convinced that the unwed mother and her baby were murdered, and the incident prompts her to rethink her own life. But the secret she uncovers means she may have no safe place to run to.

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Eternal Deception

Frontier Kansas, 1872: Nell hopes to support her daughter Sarah and friend Tess by working as a seamstress in an isolated seminary, despite the hostility she encounters there.  As her talent as a dressmaker begins to win her commissions, Nell attracts the attention of two suitors: Reiner Lehmann, a wealthy senior student, and Judah Poulton, an impoverished professor. Shocking news from back home and another death at the seminary press Nell to make her decision.

A disastrous winter journey, a treacherous game, and an impossible love could wrest control of Nell's life out of her hands for good.

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The Shadow Palace

Chicago, 1876: For Nell, Chicago, and her new wealth, offer the promise of longed-for independence. Yet how can she settle in a town where she's far too likely to run into Martin Rutherford and his glittering, faithless wife, Lucetta? Can she resist her love for Martin for Sarah's sake?

But when Martin is arrested for murder, Nell's dreams appear to be swallowed up in the new web of secrets she constructs to help him. Secrets that threaten to alienate Tess, Sarah, and even Martin.


The House of Closed Doors Box Set: Nell’s Story

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“I love this series. It is exceptionally well written; the language, the historical detail. Reading it was like eating a delicious piece of rich chocolate mousse cake and wishing you had more than just the one serving."

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