Engrossing historical fiction.

Quality independent publishing.

Forward thinking.


I am . . .

. . . above all, a writer of historical fiction. Not the biographical kind; I prefer to write stories about fictional people facing the real challenges of their time. I’m fond of writing about murders, narrow escapes, wildly obstructed romance and things that go bump in the night, so you can expect some drama.

. . . an independent publisher, under my own imprint, Aspidistra Press. I strive to give the reader the same or better experience than they can get from a big publishing house, at a lower cost.

. . . fascinated by all things nineteenth-century, although my interests occasionally creep into the twentieth.

. . . committed to giving back to the community that’s nurtured my writing. I’m always looking for ways to help newer writers.

. . . dedicated to bridging the gap between self-publishing and trade publishing wherever I can.

. . . a work in progress. Aren’t we all?